Hailey Ngo

Marketing Coordinator
People, Culture & Brand Management
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I am a visual storyteller and a content creator who cares deeply about human stories.

Currently completing a Master of Media and Communication, my role at Emmbr is to plan, create and manage valuable content across Emmbr's social media channels (I prefer to stands behind rather than in front of the camera). Two words that my friends often use to describe me is quirky and perfectionist (I can do fun stuff but still pay close attention to details)

Started as a media intern at Emmbr, I've had the opportunity to learn and put my videography and copywriting skills into good use. I love getting to work with  the incredible Emmbr team, which is why I didn't hesitate to say yes to opportunity to officially become a m'Emmbr!

Outside of work, I love cooking, travelling, and playing my ukulele. I cannot live without animals around (currently sharing the house with two cats).

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