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At Emmbr, we know how important it is to love what you do, but we also understand that the search for a new role can be a surprisingly emotional and time-consuming experience. 

On one hand, you want to make sure that your next employer will treat you with care and provide you with a fulfilling career. On the other hand, you might find yourself head-to-head with imposter syndrome and begin questioning your worth as a job seeker in today’s competitive, ever-evolving tech talent pool. It’s tough, applying for roles without receiving a response. Eyeing up senior positions but worrying that you don’t have the experience to match them. Preparing for an interview when you haven’t been to one in years. We understand, and we’re here to make things easier for you by supporting you through the recruitment process.

Emmbr takes the time to understand what matters to you; your career needs and wants, and what prospective employers may require from you. Do you prefer collaborative work, or getting things done on your own? Are you looking for flexible hours, or do you work better when you’ve got a schedule to stick to? Is your goal to level up your career, or to change its direction entirely? 

We think about what matters to you and pay close attention to these things when searching for your ideal role. Our talented team of tech recruitment specialists will take care of you from start to finish: from helping you write a stand-out, effective resume, to teaching you how to ace your interviews and plan your career’s progression.
Emmbr is the talent partner you can trust.

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What sets our team apart is our deep understanding of the technology landscape, combined with our genuine care for our clients. Our  specialty is our ability to carefully source skills at all levels in technology, data and business transformation. We’re dedicated to doing recruitment the right way, no matter what it takes. 

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Our experienced recruitment specialists will take the time to understand exactly what you’re looking to get out of your next role.

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Emmbr will remain a constant source of guidance and support, regardless of where your career in tech takes you.

Resume reviews

Our team is here to help you refine and develop a resume that showcases your skills and experience in the best possible way.

Market insight

We know the tech sector like the back of our hand. We’ll provide you with insight on the best companies to work for, as well as common salaries associated with your role and skillset.

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Dan Roberts

Agile Transformation & Delivery Lead

“I was first engaged by Emmbr over 10 years ago when I was moving from the public sector to the world of contracting in the private sector. I was 25 at the time, moving from Brisbane to Melbourne and taking a massive step in my career and life. Emmbr guided me through this first step and ensured I got the support I needed in my first role as a contractor. For Emmbr it was more than just a role placement they truly cared for me as an individual.”

Nivedita Tomar

Cybersecurity Specialist

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Emmbr. I felt supported throughout the recruitment process, where I could ask any questions and receive unbiased advice. The technical experience and industry awareness they have was instrumental in helping me prepare for the perfect job opportunity. The values of trust, collaboration and passion were truly reflected in the entire experience."


Emmbr has specialisation across all areas of Technology, Data & Business Transformation


Emmbr works to engage and attract some of tech’s most in-demand talent. Our network’s coverage spans across all technologies, with a deep focus in Java and React.


We collaborate with C-level technology leaders to strengthen and expand their leadership teams, from developing succession plans to building diverse, capable teams. 

Projects and
Business Change

We have expansive networks with business analysts, change practitioners, project management professionals & more, enabling us to source quality candidates for our clients.


Our Strategic Talent Acquisition Experience (STAX) provides a holistic talent solution, diving into areas of EVP development, DE&I, cultural triage & succession planning.

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The Emmbr guarantee

We promise to put your career first. Following your career consultation with one of our specialist IT recruitment consultants, we’ll continue to offer value and education at every step of your job search.

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