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Who is Emmbr?

Emmbr is more than a recruitment agency. We’re a talented team of problem solvers specialising in the art of expanding teams and sourcing skills at all levels in technology, data and business transformation. Emmbr helps you identify the gaps in your talent and find the right solutions to fill them. We don’t just find candidates — we find pioneers, logicians, leaders, and the occasional unicorn. We find people who care and put them where they’ll thrive. Whether you’re searching for the next member of your team or tip-toeing towards a career change, we’ll take care of you every step of the journey. Emmbr is committed to solving problems with talent solutions in the best possible way, and making the experience of recruitment pleasant for all involved. 

Our values

Push the Envelope

We are ambitious and creative, leaving no stone unturned. We believe in boldly pushing the boundaries to find new and innovative solutions.

Learn from Experience

The future looks different to today and we want to help shape it. We believe in actively listening, learning from every interaction and finding new ways to improve.

Collaboration Over Competition

We are all about teamwork and collaboration – within our four walls and our customers’. We believe that working together and using our collective knowledge gives our clients the best possible experience.

Build the Future

Every day we pick something up and make it better than before. We believe in creating something that will thrive beyond us.

Why we do what we do

Recruitment is connection in times of uncertainty. When often people feel unsure, stuck, frustrated or hopeful, Emmbr provides structure and expertise that smooths hesitancy and gives guidance. We’re a reliable and trusted avenue for seeking answers and initiating next steps. Both our clients and our candidates are left feeling confident they can connect to Emmbr as their needs change, and we’re always here to serve as a dependable point of reference to return to.

What it’s like
to work at Emmbr

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Some of our clients

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our clients think

Dan Roberts

Agile Transformation & Delivery Lead

“I was first engaged by Emmbr over 10 years ago when I was moving from the public sector to the world of contracting in the private sector. I was 25 at the time, moving from Brisbane to Melbourne and taking a massive step in my career and life. Emmbr guided me through this first step and ensured I got the support I needed in my first role as a contractor. For Emmbr it was more than just a role placement they truly cared for me as an individual.”

Nivedita Tomar

Cybersecurity Specialist

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Emmbr. I felt supported throughout the recruitment process, where I could ask any questions and receive unbiased advice. The technical experience and industry awareness they have was instrumental in helping me prepare for the perfect job opportunity. The values of trust, collaboration and passion were truly reflected in the entire experience."

Jon Meadows


“Emmbr take the time to understand the brief, understand the team and understand it’s not just about having the right skillset but also about having the right team fit. What I’ve always liked is that they understand what problem we’re trying to solve. You fine-tune the requirements that ultimately find us the right solution. Recruiters can be seen as service providers, but Emmbr is a business partner and trusted advisor.”

Eglantine Etiemble


“Emmbr is a truly human and customer centred organisation. They take the time to build a deep understanding of your business and strong connection, allowing them to provide relevant, tailor-made solutions and critical insights. Working with Emmbr in my 2 last roles, they are now a team I turn to for mission critical roles and thoroughly enjoy working with.”

Peta Sarlos

Head of People & Culture

“Having worked with the team at Emmbr for the past couple of years, they have partnered with us extremely well, helping us grow and find exceptional new talent for our growing business. They are always available to jump on a call, work through new role briefings, interview insights and process feedback. We’ve even had one of their Founders and CEO working on roles for us.”


Zoe’s Fight exists in the legacy of Zoe Stanley, in the hope to drive change for survival rates and raise awareness around Paediatric Brain Cancer.

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Emmbr is proud to be a member of the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) Australia. This membership reflects our commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct in the recruitment industry. As an APSCo member, we adhere to a strict Code of Conduct, which ensures that our clients and candidates receive a transparent, fair and consistent service. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and expertise to our clients and candidates, and our membership with APSCo reinforces our position as a leading recruitment agency in Australia.

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TwoScots was founded with the challenge of changing the stigma of recruitment. We want to shake up the industry as it exists and create something truly special.

Our professional recruitment specialisms are Qualified and Executive Accounting, Accounting Support, Payroll, Office Support and working within the NDIS. 

As a collective of people, our specialisms are creating lasting culture, developing high performing teams and forming long-term relationships between employers and employees. 

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