Hamish Sinclair

Chairman & Board Director
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As a founding Director of Marshall McAdam (rebranded to Emmbr in 2022), I am passionate about building our business and making a difference. I have enjoyed a career in management and leadership for 30 years.

My scope of work at Emmbr is to work closely with the CEO in overseeing the company's progress and performance against the agreed strategy. I am also responsible for keeping the CEO accountable and leading the organisation to ensure its ongoing viability.

Besides leadership, my expertise includes financial development, strategic planning, and actively growing our network across the technology sector. 

I am energised and curious about people and the world around me. I am also a problem solver with a knack for untangling complexity and identifying solutions. However, I don’t take life too seriously; I enjoy the moments and not get caught up in the stressful aspects that can impact. 

If people ask me why I work at Emmbr, I would say the company chose me. I enjoy witnessing it develop and seeing my team grow up day by day. 

After hours, I love experimental music, visual art, skiing and travel. 

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